Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dublin, Ireland

June 13th, 2015, here we are at it again... travelling! .. and blogging....

This blog will be brief, but will serve as our journal, and souvenir when I print it off. (blogtobook)

We flew Air canada Saskatoon to Calgary, Calgary to London and finally London to Dublin. Our flights and transitions were smooth. We flew through the night and tried to get sleep on the plane.

Arriving at 3 in the afternoon, we bought a 72 hr transit pass for 19 EURO, entitling us to us train, bus, and shuttles.
So Ashton won't admit it, but we were obviously very tired and accidentally took the 'long route' to our accommodation. but that's ok, a slight miscommunication and a 2 hour tour of the city later, we arrived to the travelodge on the outskirts of Dublin.

usually, we like to stay at B& B's to meet locals, have a more 'authentic stay' and of course, enjoy a (traditional) breakfast... but our choices were limited as so many events, conferences and a football game were happening on the weekend of our arrival.

we caught a quick nap, showered and took the 20 min bus back to the city centre

After the 100th yelling and beer chugging Scotish man in a kilt walked by, we figured out that there was a football game in Ireland vs the Scotts.

It was alot of fun to see all the excitement around us. So naturally, we walked towards the noise and excitement. Temple bar is a popular street lined with historic pubs and hotels. Too many kilts and hairy legs to count! .. along side the party goers were the police who were smiling and laughing at the loud fans. The police tried to keep the peace and order and would arrest anyone who was unorderly. we watched 2 guys get arrested and put into the police van.
hope the above video works... I would love to add lots of video to the blog, but then I won't be able to print it off... sorry

** didja know that the Green on the Irish Flag represent the Catholics in Ireland, the Orange represent the Protestants and the white in between represents PEACE!


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