Friday, 4 July 2014

Home sweet home!

As promised.. The last blog!
49 blogs, 7 countries and 6 months later...

We arrived home July 2nd !! At 2102.
 We flew from Zagreb, Croatia to Frankfut Germany. From Frankfurt all the way to Calgary. (A smooth 9 hour flight.. In which we were randomly upgraded to "premium economy"!!!!) then Calgary to Sask.
Really good flights, just long layovers.

We were greeted by our truly amazing family., And best friend Amanda and Lyndon.
It was so special to see Grampa Wilf, Kelly and Dan, Brock and Katelyn, Colton, Aunty Brenda and Uncle Berwyn, Tracy and Lloyd, Jordan and Kristen and Manda and Lyndon.

  ( A couple of you joked that the big "welcome home Chelston" sign would be blog-able!..... Thanks for the idea! You are all officially on our blog.)

To those of you who thought of us and wished us safe travels, thank you! We look forward to catching up with you once we are settled.

Anyways a huge huge thank you to each of you took the time to read and follow Along on our blogs. Whether you skimmed the blog, just looked at the pictures, or read every single word, we really appreciate your interest.

If you liked our blog, we do take tips. $100 each is acceptable! .....hehe

The saying "words can't explain" how incredible our adventure was" deems party true. Through our
words and pictures on the blog, I'm sure you can imagine what an incredible adventure we had.

So again, THANK YOU for following along on OUR BACKPACKING ADVENTURE!
Ashton and Chelsey Zunti

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