Monday, 29 June 2015


Kelly& Dan, Ashton & I, Brock & Katelyn and Colton all drove down to Dumfries to attend the McKenzie Family Reunion.

Kelly socializing with the bagpiper

McKenzie Clan

When the sun is out and your surrounded by family, what better way to enjoy your time than sitting outside in a Scottish pub to enjoy some drinks 

Karen and Peter are cousins who live in Dumfries!

Colton, Brock, Katelyn enjoying some drinks

Reagan, Chelsey, Ashton having a laugh

This beautiful castle near Dumfries is surrounded by a moat and nice green landscape. 

Sightseeing by day, .. a nice family supper, and fun afterwards

Shop til you drop! McKenzie style!

The following families were able to fortunate to travel to Scotland for the reunion

                                                                         The committee

Kelly made this beautiful family quilt which was a hit at the silent auction

Well, that's a wrap!! An excellent 2015 McKenzie Reunion in Scotland

Kelly & Dan and Ashton & I continued on exploring Scotland in our mini van :) 

Dan noticed the below sign in a coastal town that we were walking around. See the curling rock?? 

a couple phone calls later and a 15 km drive form where we were, we located the curling rock factory in Mauchline. "Kays of Scotland" curling stones have been used in the Olympic events since 1924. The granite comes from a small island west of Scotland. Every 10 years the factory workers go to the Island and remove sufficient amount of granite to create curling stones, whiskey stones (for your drinks) and limited jewelry. 

I'm in the sliding position beside the bulk granite.. 

The manager was friendly and told us about the process of making curling rocks. Due to health and safety laws we were not allowed in the factory. (however, by the size and look of it, that suited us just fine) 

Glenfinnan Viaduct has the famous Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express Bridge (yeup it was in the movie)

                                         Our favourite part of Scotland, the Isle of Skye

We hiked along the 'fairy pools' which was my favourite part Scotland, with it's waterfalls, rock path and gorgeous green mountains all around, it felt like we were on the cover of the national geographic!

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