Monday, 22 June 2015

rain rain go away...

June 19
We woke up to a blue sky day. Drove West to the popular Dingle Penninsula.The Dingle drive is a classic loop that shows off the beautiful Irish Coast. 

the landscape was so pretty! we pulled over on the side of the road several times to snap off some pictures.

If you followed our last blog you probably know that I love Waterfalls!!.. so I was beyond excited to hear about the beautiful waterfall we would be passing on the road. It may look large in the photo, but Ashton says he can piss more than the waterfall!! .....LOL

and then... THE RAIN and fog came in... within minutes we were unable to see more than 2 metres on either side of the car. Since we were just beginning the lengthy Dingle loop, we decided to cut our looses, and turn back. It was a tough decision to make since we had heard so much about the beautiful landscape, but the weather didn't look like it would clear off and it was still early in the day, so we could cover alot of ground and make it to our next stop...

By the time we reached the village of Kilarny, the fog and rain had stopped and we could enjoy a small castle and find ourselves a place to stay,
we found a hostel to lay our bags while we walked around the town and ate a hot, delicious meal of shepherd's pie and the best Quesadilla that Ashtons ever had.

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