Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cliffs of Moher

The famous Cliffs of Moher.. an amazing 200m cliff that drops right off into the ocean.

The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are Ireland’s most visited natural attraction .  They stretch for 8km  along the Atlantic coast of County Clare in the west of Ireland and reach 214m (702 feet) at their highest point.

hang on Ashton!!
the pictures really don't do justice. This coast line was magnificent. The cliffs of moher are one of the top tourist destinations in Ireland. Many people take a tour or drive themselves to this region to walk along the cliffs. 
Cars must pay 6 EUROS per person to park and view the cliffs!! that's 12 Euros a couple which is $18 Canadian Dollars for 2 people to view the natural landscape! This is one of my pet peeves of tourist attractions. Paying to look at the landscape is bizarre. There is no maintenance needed, other then to pay workers to collect the money. ..enough of that rant..
we looked up reviews on the Cliff and read a couple tricks,,, most importantly, if you continue driving 2km past the parking area, you will spot a small parking sign. Follow the windy road and you will find a small farmyard with a parking lot. Here it is only 2 Euro's per car to park. From there you can walk a beautiful, quiet trail along the fields to the Cliffs. It is WAY less touristy and a super nice walk and spot to view the cliffs. Not to mention, at a better price ;)

The smell of cattle and manure lingers in the air around here.

** crac is another term for Fun in Ireland. "we had some good crac last night"

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