Saturday, 8 March 2014

An Ode to our Donkey Van

Today is a sad day. It is the day we returned our donkey van. We conquered 6,600 km with you., 43 nights and zero mishaps. Donkey, if you were human, I would tell you.. Thank you for keeping us safe on the road. You provided us shelter at night when it rained... Sometimes It sounded like We were in a tin barrel, other times, it was musical.. You put up with hours of country music while keeping us cool with air con. You brought on several hilarious conversations, and a few giggles and stares. We know kids took pictures when we weren't looking.. Just think.. You are famous now!
I want you to know you will forever be remembered, (maybe cursed because you stole our USB charging port), but we will get over it and only good things will be said of you. You were our home. Thank you for providing us independence and opportunity to tour this beautiful country together.

We love you. And thank you.

Donkey, you were WAY cooler than this van!...

with family the...parking lot! ;)

(6 months later...) Donkey van, we are now back in Saskatoon and I'm touching up our blog.. but I just want you to know, we think of you often and continue to reminisce on all the memories you provided us ;).... today is a happy day.. it is a day we remember you!  :) xo

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