Saturday, 1 March 2014

A detour to Yeppoon

After chelseys third and last attempt at driving, we hit the road and detoured off the coastal road, heading for pretty little Yeppoon. We knew we had a solid few hours of driving so we broke the trip up and stopped for lunch at Rockhampton -the "beef capital" of Australia. (Naturally, we had steak for lunch.. Yum! Nice n lean meat.

Arriving in Yeppoon we found a beautiful beachside caravan park with a clean spacious kitchen and amenities,as well as very friendly local staff. We could see the ocean from our van
The following day we checked out the cooberrie zoo. Musta been a quiet day, since we were the only tourists at the zoo. Sounds nice but when your carrying a bag of food first thing in the morning, you can imagine how hungry the animals were. Let's just say I was swarmed by peacocks, kangaroos and ducks. 

Once I threw all the food on the ground, I found the animals much more pleasant..Ashton doesn't adore animals on the best of days.. But he enjoyed the day. We saw crocodiles, reptiles, cassawoara, parrots, ducks, dingos, kangaroos, deer, kolas!!.. (Did you know kolas sleep 22 hours of the day? Or kangaroos don't need water for months)

This little kola has born without eyes. The zoo was more of a sanctuary that rescues injured animals.

We had a private animal showing. 

Back at the campsite we had a nice BBQ and conversation with the local manager of the campsite as well as a couple dedicated, gym-going, backpackers from England ! (Sidebar.. They spent TWO hours at the gym while we toured the town and laid on the beach.) ha ha.. 

Any hoodles, we would recommend future travellers to check out this quant seaside town. 

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