Monday, 17 March 2014

Extra photos

 Here are extra pictures that didn't make the cut in the last blog. Enjoy

The parking lot At the beach, usually costs 20cents to park for the day

Typical meal.. Fried noodle with chicken.

Chilling at the beach, between surf lessons and making meals


Side of the road Gas station. Gas is 50 cents/L

We pulled our motor bikes over and within seconds we were surrounded by these kids.
they had been fishing. Hence the fish on the stick and in the red lid container

We finally got a good sleep in this bamboo hut after our bed bug and rat experience.

After you go to the toilet, you fill the green container up with water and pour it into the toilet to flush it.

Monkeys!! So cute.. But so evil!

Fun times back in the Gili Islands

Tanner took this turtle picture with his go pro camera. Look how close we were. Turtles are so graceful when they swim.

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