Saturday, 1 March 2014

Whitsundays Sailing Trip

Next stop: Airlie beach. A very picturesque little town framed by a backdrop of soft hills, a tropical lagoon and white yachts gracing the aqua blue ocean. This town is the gateway to the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. (Because the jelly fish are so dangerous, there is no swimming in the ocean, which is why a large man mad lagoon  exists. It was always packed with tourists. (I enjoyed swimming in the warm, calm pool, but it's defiantly no ocean!) 

We parked our donkey at a the Base Hostel right on the airlie esplanade.

OMG! Right before we boarded our boat, we grabbed lunch at the pub. And looky looky we caught the last two ends of the men's Olympic curling gold game. Well done Jacobs. You crushed em in 8 ends. Awesome job. (Cccoooommeeee oonn!) 
Sadly we couldn't watch the men's gold hockey game as we were on the boat. Shout out to those of you who woke up at 5am to watch the game. (Jordan and Baron! Haha...and Wiley we saw your picture in the paper. Swedish fan now?? Hah a)

Our sailing adventure on the New Horizon.3 days, 2 nights on the boat.

Can you see what this spells? ;)
Besides sailing, we went to the stunning beach of Whitsunday. The sand is pure white and the finest sand in the world! (The day was raining on and off, but cleared up just in time to view white haven beach).. Just gorgeous.. Please google it for accurate pictures.

Don't you love our jelly fish outfits. I think Ashton looks devilishly handsome in his ;)

(Ekes, I gotta run.. 10 minutes until we leave for the airport.. If your reading this, make sure to check it out in a couple hours.. I'll come back to it at the airport).. News flash.. The blogs are out of order.. Please proceed to "35 people on the boat" 

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