Monday, 10 March 2014

Bali, Indonesia

Hello! It's been a while. Hope we didn't loose any blog followers, as our backpacking continues.

A week ago we touched down in Denspar, Bali, Indonesia!

Believe it or not, Australia is only a 2 hour flight away from Bali. Many Australians come to Bali for holidays as it's so close, only $400 a flight and super cheap. As we fly to Vegas for a couple days of partying, shopping, sun, Australians fly to Bali. Even families make the quick trip for a week of relaxation at fancy resorts that are much cheaper than home. For $3 big beer, and $10 massages, it's well worth the trip.... ;)

Of course there are additional perks to Indonesia like unique culture, gentle people, gorgeous scenery and many activities...stay tuned and you'll see what this beautiful country has to offer.

Our flights were smooth and the airport was also easy and hassle free. (Upon arrival to Indonesia, one must purchase a 30 day Tourist visa for $25 American dollar. Which we knew in advance thanks to Amanda and. Lyndon who gave us the tip.) so we were well prepared, unlike many backpackers had to rush around to an ATM to take out rupia. We then found the legit, fixed price taxi company and were off to our hotel in Kuta beach.

Sayang hotel had pretty basic rooms,..clean, ..a wobbly fan, ..attached bathroom with a bum gun and the lovely scent of moth balls. Ha ha.. Luckily the moth balls worked, .no rats in our room! But we did noticed them scurry around the property! Welcome to Asia!

Now that we no longer have our donkey van, we have to resort to this crazy thing called "walking"
lol.. So we spent our two days in Kuta walking around, checking out the sights and smells of the
place, and shopping. When we could no longer take the sounds of beeping scooters and the constant
haggling to buy buy buy, we would find ourselves back at our hotel, laying by the pool with bintang in hand.

One evening we enjoyed the gorgeous sunset while talking with the balinese kids on the beach.

It's easy to fall in and out of love with Kuta. Because it's such a touristy place, it offers pretty much everything. .. Which comes with a price.. (Balinese people always calling out "maaasssaaaggee"" .

"Commee look at my shop". "Cheap price" "morning price" "where you from?"..motor bikes zipping around and lots of honking. Pretty loud place.
But when Balinese people (kids included) are not trying to sell you something, you see how happy, sweet, and caring they are. They love talking to us, and we the same. They always say "hey mate" to Ashton, thinking he's Australian. And they seem to like my blue eyes. Day two, we were asked to be in a photo with a local girl.

As we were walking by a clothing shop we began chatting with a lady who had two young infants beside her. (Balinese babies are soo darn cute! So of course we began playing with the kids. "Do you have kids?" The lady asked. "No". "Do you like kids" "oh yes! Adore kids"..then the lady bumped her stomach against mine and rubbed my stomach. She said "this is good luck. You will have babies soon".."omg, take it back! We don't want your luck yet" we all laughed.
That was one of many funny conversations with a local.

Stay tuned. Next stop. Beautiful Gili Islands.

Hope all is well at home! Heard its warming up! That good to hear.

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(A major part of The movie Eat Pray Love, with Julia Roberts took place in Bali)

 This VW made us think of you, Berywn! 

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