Saturday, 1 March 2014

Roadtrip to "The Outback"

After Arlie beach we headed to Townsville and decided to take a drive to the "outback". We stalked up with food and fuel, anticipating to be in the middle of nowhere without access to a grocery store.
Within a few km of charters towers we saw a sign advertising for mcdonalds. Lol.. Guess we won't be stranded in the outback. Charters towers was a town of 8,000 people, a whole lot of history and heritage surrounding the gold mines discovered in town and unique historic buildings.

We took a self guided cd tour, which told stories of the past as we drove around the town checking out old sites.

The campground we stayed at was super clean and well kept. Minus all the big nasty frogs at night time. The frogs in Australia are like 4 times the size of them at home. Yuk! Ashton's only had to piggy back me four times now. :)

We were super fortunate to FaceTime Grampa Al on his 89th birthday. It was so great to help sing happy birthday with my family (sorry we missed you Kristen. Hope your school project went well.)
Even though the "outback" wasn't action packed, we still enjoyed the scenic drive. It was a lot like home.. Flat ! .. Lots of cattle.. Only difference was all of the kangaroo road kill. Aw!

Sidebar.. This is how we spend our evenings.. BBQ ing down under


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