Saturday, 5 April 2014

Indonesia makes us laugh

A few more adventures from Indonesia...
 Its entertaining seeing how people load trucks, scooters and busses.They tie down loads how ever they want and cram people wherever they fit.

 We had to get a ride to a different ferry port on a scooter and texting was no big deal.

Pimping out scooters is the thing to do here.

 Here's how we had to start one of our tour busses one day. The driver would just laugh and smile, saying ok we need pushers!!

One of the many obstacles you encounter driving a scooters around. Whenever you rent a scooter there's always no gas in them. But conveniently enough, they have gas for sale in old plastic water jugs or alcohol bottles at a price way higher than the gas station sells gas for. It doesn't take long to figure out that they siphon out whatever fuel is left in the scooters when they get returned and sell the fuel to new people that rent the bikes haha so the goal is always to roll back to the rental place on fumes, with hardly any gas left. Why would we return a rental full of fuel when it was bone dry when we got it?? So we just put in a litre at a time, seeing how far we could go because these "gas stations" are usually around every corner. Here's where we ran out and weren't near a gas stand so Shyla and Tanner had to deliver fuel to us.

After our lovely 13 hour train ride of hell, we treated ourselves to a couple nights in a best western hotel (thanks for the Christmas present again mom and dad!)

Even on the 33rd floor we could still hear the beeping of scooters!

We came across this epic scene.. Two men were knee deep in the ocean plucking small fish out of their fishing net. They would huck the live fish onto shore as the two little girls on shore would giggle and scream as hundreds of fish were thrown their way,nearly hitting hem in the head. The girls scurried around picking up the floppy fish and put them into their pails. 

It's not uncommon for traffic jams when animals cross the road.. Dogs, cows, goats, chickens. 
"Why'd the chicken cross the road" tempt fate! Unfortunately, one little chick wasn't so lucky. 
"I thought we had a deal" - Seinfeld.

Fighting off geckos, ants, rats,coach roaches, spiders, frogs is nightly entertainment. (Tanner showed that HuGE gecko/lizardy thing who's boss!)

Is that a stray COW on the beach??

According to rule one, Ashton wasn't allowed to enter the temple...;) ha ha...
 Kiddin.. I mean rule two! ;)

Construction at its finest. Is that scaffolding? With bamboo sticks .

Reeaalllyy??? Haha.. You know that your in a foreign country when there are directions on how to use a toilet. .. I challenge you all to try this at home. If you can squat on a toilet seat, then you are destined to live in Asia!

I knew when I married Ashton he came with a lot of baggage.. Just kiddin love. Thanks for carrying my bags

Who wore it best?

                                                    Meal of champs.

Coming soon to computers near you...... "Adventures in SRI LANKA"

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