Monday, 28 April 2014

Extra photos from Sri Lanka

Some photos that didn't make the blog..
Chelsey playing celebrity.! This poor kid doesn't look impressed. Hah a.. His parents insisted that he get on the scale and take a picture with me. They made him stand closer and closer. ..awkward? I'm pretty sure I saw three different flashes,.. From an iPad, and two different cameras!


More celebrity moments..

Now I'm working it! Really I should be charging rupees for each photo...

Our luxury train. 

Chiken... ??Chicken... Same same

News flash. We are foreigners!

Found this interesting book...

They really don't sell Saskatoon as a "must see"..

Ha ha.. We were originally looking for "Canadian Style Heinz Ketchup flavour".. Guess we'll settle for American chips ;)

Living the dream

A whole family walking on the train tracks from point A to B

Recall how we talked about Sri Lanka being "loud".. Maybe it's cuz they have speakers all over the town blaring noise..

These signs made us think twice. But when we asked a "station master" how to get to the bridge, he pointed and said, "walk on the tracks 2km"..

Thanks Santa. These socks have come In handy!

360* Beauties from Ashton's phone....

Bye for now Sri Lanka!

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