Thursday, 16 January 2014

Arriving in Melbourne, Australia

We have arrived to Melbourne! And surprisingly our backpacks made the long trek without us having to see them since Saskatoon airport.
We flew west jet Saskatoon to Calgary, to Vancouver. then China south airlines to Ghaugia, China, then finally Melbourne. The 13 hour flight to China was pretty Long since the Boeing 777 was an older model with outdated TVs which didn't work, and Loud interior during the turbulence. Very rough flight. But hey the meals were ok and we made an adorable new Chinese friend, Four year old Ophelia was very entertaining. :) Ophelia was chipper and excited the entire 13 hours. From playing leapfrog to Rock Paper Scissors to trading stories, Ophelia was a gem. 12 hours into the flight her energy was still on high as she was running laps around the plane. She constantly said "hey guys" to us whenever we would try to sleep. Hah a.. She even taught me how to say thanks in Chinese. When I asked her if she was teaching me a bad word, she responded "what the hell is a bad word"lol....
In china we had a four hr layover which felt like forever since it was early am our time and we were quite tired and hungry. The newer model plane we took for 9 hours from china to Australia was very smooth and quiet. But Chelsey missed Ophelia. After our smooth landing we had no trouble picking up our bags and going through security. (We previously obtained an electronic holiday visa to enter and travel in Australia for up to 3 months). We even booked a flight out of Australia in case we we're questioned. The only questions the border patrol asked were "where are you staying" response : uh a hostel. We have nothing pre booked. "Up don't have accommodations for tonight? You do realize the world tennis tour has begin in melbourned for the next couple weeks and it's our summer months so it'll be difficult to find open accommodations"...oops. But no need to panic. A nice lady at the airport booked us into the Discovery hostel in central Melbourne. We're boarding with six roomies for $40 a night per person. Anyhoodles it's 6 pm, we are fed, showered, and napped. Time to go check out this city. Cathchya later

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