Thursday, 16 January 2014

Blog Entry #1

I did it! I started a blog. Thanks for tuning into Chelsey and Ashton's worldly adventures. I can't promise you this blog will be my best work.. I probably won't update it like I should, there will probably be lots of spelling mistakes..and I still don't understand how to put a picture on the blog. So that's goal number one:figure out how to post pictures from our travels onto our blog. Goal number two: limit time online. Everyone is TOO connected. It's been sort of challenging to meet people, since everyone is on electronics. me.. Right now lol... Anyways it's nice to update everyone at home, and reassure you all that we are healthy, happy and safe...also that we are having a. Blast. Any hoodles.. Enjoy our blog. Feel free to comment... Lots of love from down under ;)

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