Tuesday, 21 January 2014

and were off..Great Ocean Road

Good morning! How are you?hope Saskatoon is treating everyone well. We saw that it's only -18'...must have warmed up since we left the minus 40 weather...Kristen if your reading this, know that we are checking your curling status every chance we get. Wishing you lots of good curling ..from down under. ;) Just need a couple more wins to get into the playoffs. You can do it!! How are you liking Halifax?? I'm finding it difficult to find free wifi fi around here which is why I'm not texting and emailing as much as I'd like. Ashton bought a SIM card for his phone, which we have been using lots to call campgrounds or check Kristen's curling and to look up travel stuff,..he can send the odd email, but we are watching our internet use, as we have 3GB of data, and whenever I hotspot my iPad it takes up a lot of data..again the reason why I can't receive texts and emails.
Anyways we are doing really well. Since the last blog, we went and watched the Aussie tennis open..which is an international tennis competition that is on tour here in Australia (Melbourne) once a year... It was such a great experience. Kinda funny to watch, because the ball boys and refs take their roles very seriously. When it rained, the game we were watching paused and the tennis players left the arena. When the rain ended, the ball boys/girls used push squeegees to clear the court of water. Then a whole crew of them got on their hands and knees and mopped up the drops of water that were remaining on the court. The crowd took pictures of the ball boys and cheered them on, as they waved and bowed. Hah a..then the game resumed 30 minutes later. Really cool experience to be in the centre of all the hype.

Next day we set up our camper van.. The "budgie".. Aka the Donkey Punch?. Random..yes. We are like the only weird looking budgie on the road. Lol The first couple blocks were quite scary, as Ashton was learning how to drive on the left side of the road while driving manual in the city of Melbourne.
 ..not to worry, he had it figured out time we hit the highway :) he's been doing great ever since. Ashton said his goal is to teach me how to drive standard. Omg.. News flash.. Since typing this.. Ashton taught me how to drive. Within minutes I was in a highway. Hah a.. We skipped the whole, practicing on a dirt road or in a parking lot, .. No.. I was able to drive on the HiGHWay!! But the roundabout scared me, so I let Ashton take over... Hah a..  Speaking of amazing race, sometime we are corny and pretend we are on the race.. Like yesterday we wanted to catch a ferry but weren't sure how far away the ferry was.. So we drove like mad trying to reach it, but then we must have plugged the wrong destination into the gps as we "arrived" at our destination..but were no where near water. LOL.. Time we backtracked and found the ferry, we watched the last one of the day drive away. We missed it by 10 minutes. ...FAIL. Lol.. Guess we missed all the ferry signs and relied on GPS too much. Maybe amazing race wouldn't be so awesome for us ...

We spent 3 days driving the Great Ocean Road. 

It was a fantastic drive. Beautiful view and windy road. Fun FUN!
Our first touristy stop was the Twelve Apostles. A famous formation of 12 rocks which have separated from the main land over time.

The campsites along the GOR were very basic.. But we always make the best in our camper van. Nights have been spent bundled up, cuz it's chilly down south here.. Using our propane tank to cook up noodles and drinking wine while figuring out where to drive next. Our first night was cold and rock hard. So we sucked up the money and bought an air mattress. Let's just say the $60 purchase was gold. Hah a.. Our backs are thank ful. Anyways, great journey down the road. Today we are catching a ferry (yes, the one we missed last night) and then will continue up the East Coast. Thinking of you all. Lots of love. Hope your doing good.

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