Saturday, 25 July 2015


London has the worlds largest airport, so majority of flight connections are through London Ashton noticed that our flights from Scotland to Saskatoon go through London, and he spoke with a travel agent to see if we could have a 3 day 'layover' in London before continuing to Fly to Saskatoon.
So we had a quick 3 days in London.
 We stayed in Liverpool Area which was near the tube system. We bought a 3 day transport pass which was essential to get around the big city.

The London Eye (ferris wheel) that has amazing views over the city

Big Ben is the popular clock tower that has become one of the most prominent symbols of the United Kingdom and is often seen in movies associated with London. 

                                            Tower Bridge. This bridge is stunning! 

 we had such a clear beautiful day in London that doing the London eye was so worth it. the view was pretty amazing/

*faith, hope, love*  
mom and I have used this motto to help us through my surgery...

 Ashton waving like the Queen in front of Buckingham Palace... (no the queen was not there and no we did not have tea with her ;))

we figured out the tube system fairly easily. so many lines going in all directions! but everything is labelled and we even helped others figure out where to go

 We explored the National Museum of Britain! which was actually pretty amazing and free! (since London is the most expensive place either of us have ever been, we took advantage of the 'free' activities)

we both fell asleep in the park! basking in the heat and ambiance. it was a great relaxing way to finish our trip 
good by London! you were wonderful!! 

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